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Hammock Fanatic featured the GO! Hammock by GO! OutfittersThe GO! Hammock is now available on Kickstarter!

Fall asleep faster and sleep deeper in a GO! Hammock for amazing naps!

Sleep deeper and faster in a GO! Outfitters Hammock!

Not just for relaxing! The GO! Hammock was designed to be an extremely comfortable hammock to sleep in.

Many people know that taking naps in a comfortable hammock is a delightful experience and a Swiss study by Sophie Schwartz may show why. The study shows that the rocking motion synchronizes brain waves during a short nap! The study also demonstrates that the rocking motions helps people to fall asleep faster and deeper. Rocking affects deep sleep stages by increasing the duration of stage N2 sleep.

A well designed hammock is essential if you plan on napping in a hammock. A hammock very comfortable and should distribute the user’s body weight as evenly as possible and allow for a variety of comfortable sleeping positions

The GO! Hammock is now available on Kickstarter! Reserve yours today!

Photo of The GO! Hammock

The GO! Hammock is now available to purchase on Kickstarter! Early backers can buy it at the best price!

Hammock Set Up Tip #1: Sag

This illustrations shows an examples of hammocks set up with the incorrect amount of sag.

This illustration shows  examples of hammocks set up with the incorrect amount of sag.

When setting up a hammock, one thing that is often overlooked is setting the hammock up with the correct amount of sag. A hammock that is hung either too loose or too tight will not be as comfortable as a hammock with the correct amount of sag. Getting the correct amount of hammock sag can be achieved by trial and error, simply tightening or loosening the hammock suspension and testing the feel of the hammock. Getting the correct amount of sag can make a big difference in how the hammock feels.  So the next time you set up your hammock, try experimenting with the sag, you will be amazed at the difference it makes! We will be releasing more tips on setting up hammocks in the near future.

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Protect trees from damage when using a hammock.

When hanging a hammock from trees always use 1″ or larger webbing tree straps to protect the trees from damage to the cambium layer. The cambium layer is the “growing” part of the tree located just beneath the bark. Chains or small diameter ropes can cause severe damage to the tree and can even kill it. Always use tree straps that are 1″ or wider. We recommend using our extra strength polyester tree straps to hang hammocks because nylon straps can stretch.