Hammock Forums’ Spring Hang

Found this awesome blog post from @TheRavenBran! He travels the USA on his motorcycle and camps along the way. This trip he was using a complete Go Outfitters hammock camping set up! Thanks for the post Raven! Glad that you are pleased with our gear:)

Adventures of Raven

fovcfwmThis past weekend was the 5th (I think) annual Spring Hang for a group of campers and hikers from the Hammock Forums.  It was at Jefferson Forest in south western Jefferson County.  For me, it was about a 30-45 minute ride, even without taking the expressway.

The weather for the weekend was supposed to be fairly decent.  And it really was.  Saturday’s high got to mid 60s and overnight it got to the lower 30s.  The only real issue was the wind, which didn’t seem to want to end even at the end of the day.  Some of the campers came in Friday and said it actually ended up dying down after the sun went down, but Saturday, it stuck around.

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2 thoughts on “Hammock Forums’ Spring Hang

  1. Thanks for the re-post. I am hoping to get to use the setup a lot this year, planning on taking it to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in Lexington, OH in July. I just got two of the open-ended stuff sacks for the tarp and the hammock, hoping to make the setup even easier. But seriously, thank for the repost and follow.


    • My pleasure! I was stoked when I saw your post! Can’t wait to see more posts of your adventures! The stuff sacks should speed up the set up time. They also make it easier to set the hammock up in rainy weather, without it touching the ground. Thanks!


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